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"My underlying goal is to provide efficient, safe and successful air transport in Africa. We are advancing towards this goal but, as you can understand, it is a very long-term project."

Interair South Africa recently joined the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) and takes an active stand in the on-going discussions about air transport liberalisation and the future of the African airline industry.

"The primary industry change over the next decade will possibly be the exiting of the state-controlled airlines, which will impact substantially on the dynamics of our industry," says Tokoph.

"The main challenge that we are facing today is the tendency of Governments in Africa to deregulate too quickly. We are trying to overcome this situation by enlightening the Governments as to the private airlines point of view and, of course, by forming code-share and commercial agreements with our partners in the region."

"My role is to grow the airline and I understand fully that our energy must be focused and directed within the framework of the COMESA agreement and Yamoussoukro Decision on air transport liberalisation in Affica." According to Tokoph, Interair's fares are competitive and its yields, particularly within the African continent, are satisfactory. "As with most holiday destinations, the yields are low as these markets cater for the holidaymakers. In general, the yields achieved by the company are a good mix of business and leisure travel."

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