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Reunion (RE)
Dialling code (+262)
Time UT+4
Capital Saint Denis
Voltage 110/220 Volts.
Climate Hot sub-tropical temperature. Jan-Mar is hot and wet. High rainfall throughout the year in the east and around the mountain slopes. May-Oct are the best months to visit.
What to wear Lightweights on the coast (all year). Warmer clothes in the mountains. Rainwear throughout the year.
Currency 6.20 FRF = USD1.00
Health requirements No immunization is necessary when travelling to Reunion however a tetanus injection is recommended if travelling to rural areas.
Visa/Entry guide Visas are required by South African passport holders.
Visas for Reunion can now be issued by the French Embassy, for SA passport holders, without delay providing for stay less than 30 days. Please be aware that there will still be a delay for other passport holders.
All other enquiries please conrtact the French Consulate.
E.U. Passport holders do not require Visas

SA Representative
SA Consulate,
2 Rue de La Digue
B.P.99.97463, St. Denis
CEDEZ, Reunion.
Tel: (+262) 215005, Fax: (+262) 215005


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